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Our story began 1974, as a small local business in Jeddah KSA. It has grown a lot since then. our products and services always surpass the customer expectations. Sultan Omar Balkhram Establishment For Trading (Previously known as Sayed Omar Balkhram Establishment).

Major verticals are Real Estate, Industrial constructions and printing and packaging Industry.

we focus all kinds of raw materials, spare parts, and machinery for corrugated, flexible packaging, and rotogravure industries.

Major Focus.

  • Real Estate.
  • Industrial Constructions.
  • Printing and Packaging.

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Meet our team

Doctor Blade

Printing Doctor Blade.

Splicing Tapes

Industrial Splicing Tapes

Printing Inks

Industrial Printing Inks.

Raw Materials

Raw Materials for Printing and packaging Industry.

Spare Parts

All Kinds of Spare parts for Printing Industry.

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